Rosemary Beach Florida Destination Wedding Videography

This is the second film I have been blessed enough to create for members of this family, and oh what a delight it is. Nick and Sarah are crazy for one another. The type of love that is plain to see and that will inspire you to love. It was always Sarah's dream to have a wedding on the beach, and when it came to pass, the beach would be Rosemary Beach, Florida. While it was a it chilly for the time of year, I got to see one of the most amazing sunsets I had every seen in my life. What an amazing place to have a wedding!

The day before, the guys decided to bundle up and have a deep sea fishing adventure. It's during excursions like these on destination weddings that I get to really see the closeness of families, which helps to zero in on what makes a great film. Sure it was 40 degrees with biting wind and ocean spray, but many a fish met their maker on that fateful morning. Josh had only managed one, but it was the most glorious fish in the Florida seas, and was turned into a delicious taco that Sunday!

Most importantly of all, is the feeling of family that you get. They are so full of joy and love that you can't help but smile every second you're around them. Nick is totally goo goo over Sarah and it's so evident when you see his reaction to her appearing at the end of the aisle. Another delight in the trailer is Chad's (Best Man) reaction to Sarah's vows.